Bitcoin and Minecraft Together at Last!

The Bit Mines

Bitcoin and Minecraft Together at Last!

What is The Bit Mines?

> The Bit Mines is a Minecraft server that uses Bitcoin (BTC) for its economy. You can buy or sell items in-game, claim and sell plots of land, bet on PVP tournaments, bet on Spleef tournaments, and so much more - all with BTC.
Your BTC is shown in-game as uBTC (or microbitcoin). Learn more on the Bitcoin Wiki.

How do I use my Bitcoin on The Bit Mines?

> When you login for the first time, a virtual wallet is created for you. Type /money to view your balance. To deposit type /deposit while logged into the server. This will give you a link. Click on it, and you will be brought to a page on our server with instructions on depositing BTC.

How do I buy items from other players?

> We use a plugin called ChestShop information on how to use the shops can be found here. If you're paying a player directly for in-game goods or services, use /pay. Type the command by itself for a description on its use..

Do I need Bitcoin to start playing?

> No, you do not need BTC to start playing or earning BTC for yourself. Just join the server and start playing. If you need a way to earn BTC, see if players have any jobs they're willing to pay for, or go gather resources and start trading items.

Sounds fun! How do I start?

> Start the Minecraft launcher. Create a profile with Minecraft 1.6.4. Play the game. Select Multiplayer. Add a server with the address Then, you're all set to play.

What plugins does the server use?

We use the following Bukkit plugins (follow the link to get more info):
Server is Active (Open Beta)
Running Minecraft 1.6.4
Server address